Our Team


  • Certified General Contractor (Florida)
  • Certified Roofing Contractor (Florida)
  • Certified Energy Rater (level 2)
  • AAMA Installation Masters Certified Installer- Residential and light Commercial-RLC-1
  • Certified 3M Polyfoam Products Installer
  • Certified “MySafeFloridaHome” Contractor
  • Wind Loss Mitigator
  • Certified Asbestos Remediator
  • Certified Mold Remediator
  • Ygrene Certified Contractor
  • Expert Witness for Roof Damage Assessments and Fenestration
  • Soprema Certified Contractor
  • Fibertite Certified Contractor
  • IB Roof Systems Certified and top tier Contractor
  • Certainteed Select Shingle Master (since 2016)
  • GAF Certified
  • Mule Hide Certified
  • GE/ Lapolla Certified Installer

Chris Porosky

Christopher Porosky from a young age was always involved in some type of Construction. This was always enjoyable to him. The old adage “measure twice, cut once” was learned at a young age as his father would call out measurements to him when framing and Chris would be the cut man on the saw at 10-15 years of age.

He continued framing houses during the summer months when not in school. In College he pursued a baseball career and performed side jobs during in the summers there as well in Construction. Fast forward… Working as a General Contractor in Florida in the early 2000’s he teamed up with a Roofing company at the time for the sales of roofs after a major Hurricane. It was here he learned about Roofing and how fragmented of an industry it was and absolutely knew he could do better than most and give the customer a better experience. Realizing a roofing project is usually a one-time purchase for most people in their lifetime that the customer experience could be improved upon by educating the customer and truly becoming their consultant and helping them understand the options within their buying decision.

Always trying to improve himself he has constantly pursued continuing education and is a big proponent of energy efficiency. Becoming a certified energy rater changed the way he viewed and designed roofing applications. Travelling to Germany he learned about Passive Haus (zero energy homes). This changed the outlook he had for roofs in the Florida climate. Still today his philosophy is that an educated customer is the best customer. He enjoys teaching, lecturing and consulting about different roofing applications and how much they can vary from building to building. He likes the family atmosphere and friendliness of the office environment they have created for employees while being able to take on any size job and compete with much larger corporate companies and provide a better experience for the customer. Local resident, supporter and charitable within the community of Deerfield Beach.

Personally, he is engaged to Zoya Haydic who has supported him in his growth and works beside him at All Phase Construction USA. Together they try and make All Phase a fun place to work at, while providing excellent customer service and satisfaction.

The many certifications, seminars, licenses and his continued desire for knowledge and growth shows within the Company.

Zoya H.

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.” – Colin Powell

My name is Zoya Haydic` and I have been with All Phase Construction since 2016 as Office Manager. You can say I am a Jack of all and master of none. I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and came to the USA at a young age. I speak Bulgarian and Croatian fluently. I wish I learned Spanish and that is on my bucket list of self-improvements. I have been in sales and service most all my life. From the restaurant service industry, banking, to lead gen, onto being a small business owner, real estate, and insurance. I have experienced most all aspects in the foundations of any business and have been given this opportunity here with All Phase Construction USA. It has allowed for me to utilize all my skills, knowledge, experiences, and all while continuing to grow and expand. While not at work I love spending time with my family, friends, and my furry strays both in and out of my home. I stop for turtles, ducks, pretty much any animal…if it needs help “there she goes” I love adrenaline rushes (skydiving, motorcycles, rollercoasters, snowboarding)and on the flipside I have a need and deep love for moon gazing, music, and arts. Just a few of my favorites. I look forward to a continuous growth here with my All Phase family and customers. You can check out my LinkedIn Bio and keep up with All Phase Construction USA LLC Don’t forget to check out our Blog “ Knowledge is power”

Maurice King All Phase Solar LLC-edit

Maurice King

Hello, my name is Maurice King and I have recently joined the All Phase Construction’s Solar and Home Improvement Division.

I am originally from Kansas City, MO, home of the Kansas City Chiefs!! I am also a graduate of the University of Missouri (MIZZOU TIGERS) in Columbia, MO. I have been in the Solar Industry since 2016 and have a passion to make it easy and affordable for all Floridians to go solar. I believe if homeowners are properly educated on the benefits of solar and other home improvement projects, then the decision to move forward becomes very easy. I also believe that our customers should always have and expect an exceptional customer experience when deciding to move forward with their project.

This was a major factor for me in deciding to join the All Phase Construction USA Family as they have an excellent track record of making the customer their #1 priority!

When not working, I look forward to spending time with my wife of 32 years and 2 daughters. I also enjoy grilling and have been told – I make a mean Ribeye!

Mauricio Toledo All Phase Solar and All Phase Construction USA LLC-edit

Mauricio Toledo

Mauricio Toledo is the Business Development Manager here at All Phase Construction, one of South Florida’s TOP Roofing and Solar companies in South Florida. An accomplished marketing professional with over 10 years of distinguished performance in the marketing technology industry. Portfolio of achievements includes, driving profit, increasing revenue improvements and most important improving brand awareness. A broad-based background encompasses exceptional work ethic and commitment to organizational objectives. A Proactive Sales Manager, Team Builder, Recruiter, Trainer and Tactical Planner with a per ability to hire , train, and motivate nothing but Top Performers. Contributed to revenue growth for some of South Florida’s leading Solar and Energy Efficient technology businesses in South Florida through a combination of creativity, initiative and strong leadership. All Phase Construction USA takes pride in the way we market and advertise the company which includes hard work, honesty, good work-life balance,and positive company reputation.

Solar Scott

Solar Scott was born and raised in Florida. From the age of 7, he has been involved in the world of sales. From selling candy at summer camp, to being a top salesman at Just for Feet while in high school. Sales and Entrepreneurship is in his blood. After graduating from Florida State University, he immediately entered the real estate industry as a mortgage broker and by the age of 24 opened a title co. When the market crashed in 2008, Scott was looking for his next move when he was introduced to the deregulation of Energy, which eventually led to the introduction into the world of Solar! His mind was blown by the opportunity that lied ahead. “Being able to eliminate a bill you would normally have to pay forever just makes sense!”


In 2015 Scott started a solar company with 3 partners and eventually moved to SWFL to expand the co. After 2 years, Scott has made his way back to South Florida to grow the solar division at All Phase Construction. When asked why he made that move, his response was “After the first meeting with Chris and Zoya, I knew I was in the right place. If I was going to make a move, the place I would be going to would have to operate with the highest level of customer service, 100% transparency to the client and employees, a place where everyone FEELS like family, and a company that puts INTEGRITY at the forefront! Those are non negotiable to me!”


Scott is a leader’s leader and wants nothing more than to see everyone succeed, and for clients to get what they paid for, no exceptions! “Life is about experience, and every interaction we have daily should be treated as such. Happiness is a decision, and I want to help everyone see that. This is mlre than just building a business and selling solar. For me its about changing the way business is done!”