Common Flat Roof Leak Areas

Roof leak repair doesn’t have to be an ongoing process. Many building owners continuously are patching the same leaks over and over. Our commercial roof leak repair systems will repair the leak and give you peace of mind. We use specialized equipment to find the source of the leak. Once the leak has been identified we create a plan to repair the area and extend the life of the roof.

Leak Identification

Flat roof leaks are typically very difficult to determine the source and severity of the leak.

Roof A/C Units

Commercial roof leak repairs are all about finding the source and developing a repair plan.

Roof Top Skylights

Commercial roof leak repairs are all about finding the source and developing a repair plan.

Stop! Don’t Replace That Worn Out Roof, Restore It!

Not all roofs have to be replaced many South Florida roofs qualify for our commercial roof restoration system. Our commercial roof restoration system is non-invasive to your working operation. Roof restoration can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars over commercial roof replacement. We have an industry-leading warranty along with an award-winning service. If your building is leaking and may need roof replacement you should allow us to investigate and educate you on the possible options of roof restoration.

At All Phase Construction USA, LLC., we take the time and put in the effort to produce outstanding results every time. Using quality products, we develop a roof repair system for every situation. Once we have done a leak inspection and have identified the source we will develop a repair plan. Some roofs are simple and require a small acrylic coating with fabric reinforcement. Bigger jobs may require complete roof restoration but typically we can avoid you having to pay those large roof replacement costs.

Whether it was a recent roof inspection that has turned up a leak, or you discovered it the hard way, a qualified roofer is your answer to effectively and efficiently repairing roof leaks. Roof leaks can develop years before an entire roof needs to be replaced, causing localized damage, usually due to cracked seams or mechanical penetration areas.

All Phase Construction has a reputation for being an industry leader in commercial roofing. As a certified Miami-Dade Commercial roofing company we are held to a high standard. We specialize in commercial roof restoration as an alternative to commercial roof replacement. We provide only the highest quality products and we are manufacturer certified applicators.

Warehouse/Manufacturing Facilities Roof Restoration


Glovis Consolidation Center—400,000 sq.ft.—West Point
Sewon Building—400,000 sq.ft.—LaGrange
Florida Rock—110,000 sq.ft.—Newberry
E-Stone USA—30,000 sq.ft.—Sebring
Hanson Pipe Manufacturing—180,000 sq.ft.—Winter Haven
Kennedy Space Center Warehouse—12,000 sq.ft.—Titusville
Frito Lay—8,000 sq.ft.—Orlando
Builders First Source—130,000 sq.ft.—Fort Pierce
NDC Distribution Warehouse—110,000 sq.ft.—Tampa
BJ’s Distribution Warehouse—470,000 sq.ft.—Jacksonville
Disney Pop Cast Building—25,000 sq.ft.—Lake Buena Vista

Correctional Facilities Roof Restoration

Washington Correctional Institution—210,000 sq.ft.—Chipley, FL
Graceville Correction Institution—22,000 sq.ft.—Graceville, FL
Graceville Correctional Institution—1,200 sq.ft.—Graceville, FL

Commercial Residential Roofing Restoration

Your roof is a long-term investment, not just another expense. This roof will not only have superior protection from Florida’s harsh elements. It will also provide substantial energy efficiency. 18 Year Non-Pro Rated Warranty 250% Elongation 85% Reflectivity 1487 Tensile Strength as an system. Call us today and schedule your roof evaluation

Private Owner Commercial Roof Restoration

Broward Nursing Home-32,000 sq. ft.- Fort Lauderdale, FL
Oceanview Nursing Rehab- 38,000 sq. ft.- New Smyrna Beach, FL
Sherwin Williams- 16,000 sq. ft.- Stuart, FL
Pinecrest Nursing Home- 28,000 sq. ft. Miami, FL
Sherwin Williams- 44,000 sq. ft.- Fort Lauderdale FL

Approved Manufacturers